copy an dll into C:\Windows\System32

Hi Guys,

I've got another problem.
I'm on a project in which i want to use a dll.

So i did copy the dll into C:\Windows\System32. The matter is, that the win-explorer, Total Commander and the cmdBox shows the file in the directory. But when i want to open it (with Depency Walker for example), it says me, that the file wasnt found.

Someone an idea? I'm completly stumped (o_O)

Unnecessary to mention, that my prog doesnt found it.

Thx for your time.

Edit: if i copy it from system32 to another folder, it can be readed by depency walker
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Are you starting the application in a security context that might not have read access to system32? Why can't your DLL be in a directory relative to your application?
No. The Application has full Adminaccess. I can see it and i can copy it. And if there no Accessrights the errormessage is appropriate. Depency Walker can open other DLLs in the folder.
Are you sure your program can't find it? If you use the "LoadLibrary()" function with the full path to the DLL does it return with NULL or a valid handle?

WARNING POTENTIALLY STUPID QUESTION: Does your DLL file have a .dll extention?
Are you running 64 bit windows ?

Not sure, what the issue is but my best guess it that you may not have correct permissions, there could be ACL\DACL protection on it, you can try remove the ACL protection on System32 via building a ACE then removing it internally therefore the final protection should be bypassed fairly easily.

Next guess is as what Computergeek01 mentions the handle is not granted and there could be protections on that as well

Try move your father\loading application (.EXE) into System32 then create a LNK file on the desktop or where ever your wish.

I am not yet jumping to any conclusions just yet.
I solved the Problem...

But i cant say whats the fu**ing Problem had been :D.

The DLL can now be opend by Depency Walker. My Application hasnt found the DLL now but i know that it is an error inside my App.
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