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How can I open a bitmap image and edit the pixels in it using WinAPI?

Thank you!

First load the bitmap with LoadImage:

This gives you an HBITMAP that contains the bitmap data.

Then you can access individual pixel data with GetDIBits and SetDIBits:

OR... if you don't mind doing a bit more setup... you can create a new bitmap with CreateDIBSection (too lazy to get a link... just search MSDN for it) that way you have a pointer to the raw pixel data and can change it at will.

Put the loaded bitmap into a DC, put the DIBSection bitmap into a DC, blit/copy the loaded bitmap to the DIBSection (look up BitBlt)... then you can modify it through that pointer.

Don't forget to clean up. Any bitmaps that you created/loaded need to be destroyed with DeleteObject, and any DCs you created need to be destroyed with DeleteDC.
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Okay, thank you Disch!

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