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I have been commissioned to create a program to log events at festivals and other events. I would like it to look like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1f2748pxi6jmqq6/program.jpg

can anyone tell me what components this program would need i.e. database for staff names etc?

thanks very much,

just fyi, im still a beginner at programming, but my boss wants me to learn so he can commission me for other programs (depending on the quality of this one) so go easy :)
from what i can think of, it should be some sort of access database for everything? different forms for different sections etc?
I get from your previous post[1] that you have decided to learn C++ and from this post that you have a aim in mind.

I'm just wandering if you know that this will be a long road to travel before you get to your destination? I'm not trying to discourage you. What sort or times scales are you and your boss expecting for this? What time are you able to put towards this?

For your logging program (assuming a stand alone desktop application):
You will have to learn C++ to a reasonable level.
You will then need to learn how to write Windows Programs (there are a few options here).
A database would probably be the best way to store and retrieve data for this project. There are numerous options here but if you have not done any database work before you will need to learn some basics of design and SQL.

[1] http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/windows/110028/#msg600610
i do understand that it will be a long haul, and i want to learn c++ in depth, but for now id like to make the program a priority. I have about 40 hours a week to dedicate to this (study, programming etc). For windows programs could i use visual studio? and i have a VERY basic knowledge of Access, but am willing to do my research :)
i have a few c++ books on order, to be delivered in the next few days and will be thoroughly immersing myself in the language. but as i say for now i would really like to make my focus this program. could i get help on this forum if i got stuck? (which to be fair would probably be quite often :( )
Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to compile and build your programs for Windows. It is my personal favorite IDE for Windows.

I'll try to sort out some links later to references that may be useful in the future.

could i get help on this forum if i got stuck?
Yes, but be patient for an answer.
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fantastic, that would be really helpful! i'm gonna need all the help i can get... :(
Learn to Program for Windows in C++

Building Native Applications (SQL Server Compact)
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i dont understand either of them :(
brucey2343 wrote:
i dont understand either of them

I wouldn't expect you to yet, you will need to spend a bit of quality time with your C++ books first. It is just a glimpse of the sort of thing you are heading for, keep them bookmarked and take a look every know and then to see if you understand any of it then you can start learning it.

you could spend a bit of time here:
while you wait for your books.

that tutorial, does it cover everything i need to know to do this program??
brucey2343 wrote:
that tutorial, does it cover everything i need to know to do this program??

No. It will show you the basics of C++.

If you need to get this program written quick, learning C++ is not the quickest way. You could do it a lot quicker by learning C# and a Windows Forms Application (.net).
whats the difference? and how long would it take to learn about it?
so is .net software? ive just had a look and it says c# in .net in visual studio. visual studio is the compiler, c# is the language so what is .net?
whats the difference?

That is kind of hard to explain.

If you think of C++ as woodworking with all the tools that you have to learn to use and you shape the wood to how you need it. Then C#/.net is like a trip to Ikea. You get pre-made components and bolt, screw, glue them together.

and how long would it take to learn about it?

I could not say but It will be a lot less time than C++.
so c# is more pre-built, and c++ you have to compose everything from scratch?
Kind of...

C# is a smaller easier to learn language than C++ and it is aimed at the .net framework that has a lot of pre-built components that are designed to be easy to use.

C++ is a lower level language that you have to do more of the work yourself. When you know the language you will then need to learn how to use it for windows programming. There are libraries and frameworks to help with this but you may have to learn a few different ones there are few if any with the same scope as .net.

so i stick with visual studio express, learn c# and create the program with that using windows forms?
would i still be able to learn c++ though, or would it get too confusing? just because ive already bought the books lol
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