Integration with Word

Hi All.

I', new here are fairly new to C++ so please excuse my ignorance! I'm undertaking a project at the moment which requires me to hook into a custom c++ application from a Java applet via JNI. The c++ application needs to communicate with MS Word and potentially other office programmes in order to highlight text and offer find/replace functionality programatically. The idea is that when the applet is launched, it will communicate with the C++ methods to hook into an open MS Word document and highlight all words that start with the letter 't' for example.

I'm concentrating on the C++ side of things first and i'm just wondering whether anyone can point me in the right direction? Even some basic access to an open word document would give me a great start!

Thanks in advance for your help.
Rather than doing Java -> JNI -> C++ -> Word, have you considered putting an interface over the C++ stuff (sockets for example), and call it directly fro Java?

Now, I've used ATL to interface to Excel and Word, but if you want to start doing visual things, I think you need to use the automation interface--and that I know nothing about.

At any rate, I think the client/server arrangement is better, rather than trying to talk to C++ from Java directly.
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