How to increase the global volume of windows

I have a laptop running windows 7 and its so annoying because the volume is waaaaaaaaay to low, i did this trick to increase the volume but its still too low so is there any windows code that can be used to temporarily change the global volume so when i watch videos on youtube i dont have to put my head on the side of my computer?
Speakers are physical devices. The level of sound coming out of them depends on the amount of power going into them. Software can drivers how much power to dump into them within a range but this is a hardware issue. Are headphones or external speakers an option?
I've searched this problem far and wide and I'm certain there is no real fix for other than amplifying the sound like VLC media player does, but that also causes distortion. Sometimes if you go into the sound properties of your speakers and either check or uncheck the Loudness Equalization option it makes it a bit louder.
@knn9 the problem you are talking is about wmv formats(if i remember correct). but @Ch1156 talks about youtube which uses flv formats. it has nothing to do about vlc or %200 volume. also for info new version of gom has %200 sound option.

so the solution is like @Computergeek01 said.
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I was sure that setting affects all sound output. I would usually have to toggle it when listening to music, watching movies, and flash videos. I only mentioned VLC as something that amplifies sound to point out that it is programmatically possible to do so.

The whole low volume issue was kind of a big thing when windows 7 came out. I was affected by it and the things I mentioned were the only solutions I could find.
@ knn9: What you are talking about is like what commercials do, increasing the bass and treble makes things sound louder but the amplitude is still the same.
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