need highly informative resource about windows programming

i want to do windows based programming in c/c++. at present i know that gnu gcc contains windows.h header for that (yes there are also some other headers for windows based works)
but i want a well informative resource like book/website that will contain all the windows based headers and all of their functions in detail.

can anyone help me find resources for that ?
MSDN Library

Windows Via C/C++
by Jeffrey Richter

Windows Internals Part 1
Windows Internals Part 2

by Mark E. Russinovich et al
wow, the reply was very informative Grey Wolf...
it will help me a lot... :D can't but thank you.
also, I don;t if you're doing any mfc, but i found this a very good book when i was learning:

maybe you could find a cheaper electronic copy somewhere.
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