Windows API Tutorial

Hello I am looking for a Win32 application site for learning purposes. I'd happy of any response. I am most definitely interested in visual effects.
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I learned from these.
I noticed your share retsgorf297 and just wanted to put these up as well.
Found these to helpful as well as the ones you posted when learning the API my self.
You can never have to much resources ;) hope it helps Filip Cvetko
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thanks all of you
anything else?
The only thing i can think of is spend some time on MSDN.
maybe anything on YouTube?
If you search "windows programming" in youtube there a couple of playlists. Personally I would stay away from youtube when learning any sort of programming, because there is so much crap on there and its hard to learn at your own pace when you have to stop and navigate through a video whenever you miss something or want to refer back to something.
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