Need Algorithm for Instant chat application

I need algorithm for instant chat application, or a simple idea how can i design this application, any idea????
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well, theres no one algorithim and we need more info.
gui or console
web or client
what language?

edit: and no one wants to write this code for you
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and no one will think it for you... you have to do some efforts first...
I want to make an GUI desktop application using C# and mysql for database purpose.
but according to my algorithm the only problem is time delay.
basic idea (how application works)

sender insert data in database using a unique ID and receiver will check after some time on the basis of that particular ID and receives message.

this is very high level algo. I need something better, if anyone can help?
may be i can't explain my words..... but please try to understand me. thanks
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Wrong place if you want to do it in c#
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