Viewing HTML file problem


I'm converting an old program made originally on VS 6.0 to VS2010 and there is only one thing left that doesn't work.

The program has an help menu with HTML based help pages there you can press on links to see other pages and so on. (I have seen this system on other programs so I think it's a windows function).

When I try to open the HTML file within my program on VS2010 I just get a message "failed to create empty document". If i force the filename to be anything else than HTML it opens it without any problem.

The only call in the source code for the HTM document is this:

AfxGetApp()->OpenDocumentFile( path );

I can see that this is located in DOCMULTI.CPP and seems to be a microsoft function so it should work I guess?

CDocument* CMultiDocTemplate::OpenDocumentFile(LPCTSTR lpszPathName, BOOL bAddToMRU, BOOL bMakeVisible)

Maybe there is another way to open HTML files on VS2010? I don't want to open them in Explorer or any other normal web browser, but in it's own window inside my program.

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