How will you make a boot time malware scanner in c++???

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Hi all,
How will you make a boot time malware scanner in c++???
Ok, listen, I'm sure everybody here appreciates your enthusiasm for programming and will help you as much as possible.
But unfortunately - as many other beginners - you chose one of the most complicated things to do in programming as your big project. (I'm referring to all your threads in the recent past about writing an apparently big virus/malware scanner)

It's not wrong, but you'll probably become frustrated from all the complicated stuff you have to deal with and then maybe give up eventually.
Challenging yourself is ok, but you shouldn't start off with something that challenges even very experienced programmers.

I don't want to discourage you, but if you give up because of frustration it's not gonna be very encouraging either.

Try to shift down a few gears. What's wrong with a small game?
Ever programmed a Tetris engine? It's a bunch of fun coding that :) And it's surprisingly tricky. (At least trickier than you'd expect from something like Tetris)
And then, maybe, you can write a program that plays Tetris. Sounds fun to me.
I have attempted this and you need to hook interrupts of a System a example: 13h, 10h, 4h

These are incredibly difficult, trust me!

Look man, you are wasting a lot of time on this while you are not even a beginner level in programming.
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I almost forgot about this post!?
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