How to give trial period to software ?

If any one can make trial period to this file i can pay needful amount for that.I have to make this as soon as possible so please give me quick replay

I have an application this is alredy license but in this application use my functionlity put custome .afl file this file make in c++ i make this .afl file as trial period.So how to make this .afl file as 7 day trial period.....

use time function to store the first open time in a file and check each time no. of days during program execution. if difference b/w first execution and current time is seven, then time over and lock the program.
thank you so much for this but i am beginner so actual logic for this i know but how to apply in my task i am please help...thank you in advance..
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Why is aalok reported? His answer violates nothing, and OP's question is about common practice in industry.

Don't take this too hard, but if you don't know how to use aalok's response, chances are you haven't written code that people are going to want to steal.

I'm not sure what you mean by an .AFL file.
AnimaFlex RubberFlex Animation?
IBM Lotus font file?
Adobe Font Metrics file?
X-Plane Airfoil data?

None of those contain executable data... and there is no way to make a file unusable after time without external help.
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So far, your question remains vague and you have not provided the further information requested of you.
i don't want to quarrel my budy by me.i am so sorry..and thank you so much for your help..
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