Project Ideas

I need different project ideas for visual programming in C#.
Please give me ideas ASAP..........Its urgent.......
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what area of programming?
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Can you give a little more detail, like:
What area of programming? (like DTSCode said)
How skilled are you?
How much time are you willing to spend?
You could make a brainfuck interpreter. Then create an IDE for it.
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if you do... i would love it if you would post the source for the interpreter and ide. i collect the interpreters/compilers and am actually looking for a bf ide
Yeah that is too vague to get any real help. Like retsgorf597 said, we need to know what your level of experience is, how much time you have to get the project done, what area of programming you are wanting, etc.

I keep forgetting BF is a language so everytime I see it I can't help but laugh.
seems like OP doesn't care about this thread
You will get used to that.
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