Installing QT Creator: what the frak?

I'm having trouble understanding this thing.

It wants to install MSVC2010, and some un-explained mingw "essential" components.

I already have MinGW installed happily with boost, and I REALLY REALLY don't want to change it. The downloads are gigibytes of data, so I'm posting this because I want to know what the heck this thing wants to do, as it's descriptions of the installation components are quite vague and internet searches have only revealed outdated info.

Thanks for the help.
There are several ways to prevent changes, including some junction magic, but you could just zip up your MinGW tree before installing. If it boogers something, you can easily fix it.

I want to play with Qt again too... but I haven't had time so i can't help...
Thanks anyway, I will try that. I just want to know wat I'm installing, though, (because it really doesn't say, and I literally can't find anything that isn't more than 6 months old) because I don't want to have to re-install it due to missing components...
Alas, you are at the mercy of the installer.
It looks like the installer also installs MinGW for you.
Just rename your MinGW installation to something like C:\MyMinGW, run the installer, and see what happens.

/me wonders why I didn't think of this the first time
Duoas, you should give it a wack, I literally got it working in 2 minutes (- the install). Only check MinGW 4.8 (online install) Essential Modules ane addon modules. I'm assuming you have MinGW installed, if not then under tools you can check MinGW 4.8, otherwise, it wont mess with the pre-existing install (yessss...).

uncheck ALL the msvc components (unless you want to work with Microsoft Visual, yuck!) and install!!

Afterwards, you can modify the options to select your MinGW compiler if you already have an install set up nice.

Nothing to it! It's literally what I've been looking for, for the longest time... lol 2 years, and with a near-full (near, because I just know there must be more to learn about C++!!) understanding of the syntax, I can pretty much do this without much of a problem. Gonna have to study their GUI objects, but other then that it will be a breeze. I cen even run NetBeans too! The best part is that it comes with a debugger and resource monitor with some really nice/extensive tools for gutting out those nasty bugs. I've never had much of a problem, and I have a broken debugger (I have learned to develope a very good practice). Nevertheless, I love it. I can use both!!!!

xD xD xD xD


Also, that was it: I didn't want the installer to install MinGW. I figured it out though. It has to install some add-ons because of the Qt library (makes sense, right?). In any case, my current setup is not thwarted in the least.
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