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//In C++, the largest int value is 2147483647. Write a program that inputs two positive integers
//of at most 100 digits and outputs the sum of the numbers. Your program must, at least, contain
//a function to read and store a number into an arrray. (Hint: read numbers as strings and store
//the digits of the number in the reverse order).
//Please include sufficient test results in your solution.

#include <>
#include <>
#include <>
#include <>
#define asize 100
using namespace std;
void inputInteger(char s[], int &len) {//Implement function to read an integer from the keyboard

void add(char s1[], char s2[], char sum[]) {

int main()
int len;
char s1[asize];
char s2[asize];
char discard;
char sum[asize];
cout<<"Input s1"<<endl;
inputInteger(s1, len);
cout<<"Input s2"<<endl;
cin. get(discard);
inputIngeger(s2, len);
cout<<"Output Sum"<<endl;
add(s1, s2, sum);
return 0; //Indicate successful completion
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