Which is the best programming language for developing GUI for my AV ?

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There is no specific tool for creating "beautiful" GUIs for antivirus software. I suggest you do research on Windows' (or whatever your operating system is) API.
Some time back I found a genius called SpaceWorm in this forum...

Oh God, that made me laugh myself to tears.

I thought the same. Seems like someone, not accusing anyone, is creating multiple accounts to try and give themselves a false reputation of being some major programmer. When caught in the middle of the lie, it ruins their reputation more than just sticking to one account and working to prove themselves good programmers rather than 'sock puppeting'.

I try to help others, but I think I suck at programming so I do it sparingly. As for AV, I think the UI is something that takes time to make perfect and few get it right the first time while others get it right and then think of something new and screw it up so all you can do is experiment.
A bit rude, don't you think?
Nope, not a 'bit', 'a lot' rude. I never do anything 'a bit', I'm either full out or nothing at all. :P

You can either attempt to write your own UI lib or look into existing libs like Qt or such.
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out of context yes. but this guy has made three different accounts and tries to sound super smart whenever he posts
@DTSCode: who are we talking about?? If I follow correctly, we are talking about OrionMaster, right??

What other accounts did he make?
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