Problem with directX

Mission: draw f****** triangle
Completed: Only Black Screen Appears
Problem: Triangle is not drawn
More Problem: Code compiles without errors, creates all variables without errors, compiles all shaders without errors, and still programs runs in a message loop, calls render function but doesn't draw anything

The only suspicious thing that happened is when sometimes when I run the code I get access violation at CreateBuffer (); function when I create vertex buffer, but that DOESN'T happen each time

I checked all pointers I have in DxClass and they point somewhere (addresses are not wonky(like 0xcdcdcdcd) and they are not 0x00000000)

here's the whole code:

Been looking 4 hours in code to find the problem, didn't find, and funny thing is that I allready made bigger projects in directX than just drawing triangle (not too big projects, but projects like camera following a unit, and unit moves and jumps in 3D space(which contains hills))
Pls help, My mind is blown, and sorry for bad english
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