how to create an icon?

DOes anybody know what program to use to create three icons
and load them into a .res file?

I know how to put integrate that file into my VS project but I don't know how to get started. Any "pointer" would be appreciated.

I use ResEdit for those things.

i hope i could help.

..I unistalled it but when I create a new project and save it on the Desktop I seem not to be able to modify it and star qorking on it. I am basically stuck.. how are you meant to use it? :(
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Also see this thread:

.ico maker

Note that a single .ico file can hold multiple icon images. So if you're talking about 16x16, 32x32, and 64x64 versions of the same image, then you need just one file.

I usually use either ResEdit or the Visual Studio resource editor (if I'm using a retail version of Visual Studio). If I'm doing more involved work, then I quite like aaIco Icon Editor.


PS When an ,ico file is compiled into a .res file, it ends up as an Icon Group resource (resource type RT_GROUP_ICON) plus one Icon (image) resource (RT_ICON) for each format.
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I have jsut used it and finished with my icons.
It's just 1 file wwith a 16x16 and 32x32 versions of the same icon. So 2 icons.
Now I am having trouble getting the program to understand that is two icons..
How can you set smallIcon and Icon to be different if all you have is just one single file?

Thanks a lot btw
How can you set smallIcon and Icon to be different if all you have is just one single file?

You use the LoadImage function's size parameters (x, y). (If you pass 0 for them, it's the same as if you passed the values obtained using GetSystemMetrics with SM_CXICON, SM_CYICON.)

Rather than using literal values of 16 or 32, you should obtain the values using GetSystemMetrics with SM_CXICON, SM_CYICON for the normal icon and SM_CXSMICON, SM_CYSMICON for the small icon.


GetSystemMetrics function
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