In which DLL are C std functions found?

Hi all,
In which DLL are C std functions found, like printf() exit() etc...
I need to inject those functions to a program, so I need to GetProcAddress(...) of these functions...
Is it MSVCRT.dll or something else?
For VS applications using DYNAMIC linking: MSVCRTxx.dll where xx stands to the version of the C RunTime used (80,90,100,...).
For VS applications using STATIC linking: No dll is used.
For MinGW, I don't know.
Most applications use Dynamic linking anyways.
For MinGW, I don't know.

MinGW uses Microsoft msvcrt.dll, this can be easily spotted using Depedency Walker or Dumpbin. :)
Can you give me a list of functions in sfc.dll?
Use Dumpbin or Depedency Walker to see what functions it exports for yourself.
Yes, I will see...
My MinGW installation's output executables also requires more DLL's.
Are you sure those aren't MinGW's CRT?


As libstdc++ is in the list I expected libgcc to be the C equivalent.
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Typical MinGW executables does NOT depend on these DLLs, it is usually statically compiled into the executable itself.
I thought the MinGW did depend on the DLL's, and would only statically build if the -static option was specified. You may be thinking of the build of MinGW that is bundled with IDE's most of the time (such as Code::Blocks), which is a TDM build. TDM builds will link statically by default.
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