How will you prevent the UAC from popping up for my app?

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My computer is damned it wont't get repaired!
And I will never get a computer again!
I have to wait more than >> months
To have one!
Then stop wasting our time for nothing.
Why, you people find it a time waste?
The more you help, the more you learn!
Okay, let me tell you why.
Let me first tell you I am not here to be rude to you. I will try help I always helped in your threads I will continue too but do so, that you will learn something in long-term and actually know why I did this.

I been programming for around 6 years purely on Windows API.

I know the process of getting better at programming. I did it 1000's of times over. With that said, I told you a lot of times that the questions you are asking are not teaching you anything.

Let me elaborate more, the problem here is you are asking HOW TO DO .....?, which is more or less too generic. Not to mention no single programmer can satisfy your concerns and questions without you raising more question.

Next, Even when I answer questions which is around 4000 letters (in some cases) long. Yet you reply by saying either can you refer me to some example code.

The answer coming from me will always be "NO" if the topic is too easy.

Next, You ask the same topic questions again and again - "How to hook....".

To be honest, you spent at least 2 years on process injection and hooking yet you learnt nothing.

Let me tell you why this is soo bad. I learnt:
WinInet, WinSock, WNet, CodeDom in a year.

And I am not exactly super intelligent so I am sure you could have learnt as much as me in a year, but you rather spend weeks of yous spare time working on this which could have been better spent.

This is my problem, not to mention hook is a basic concept for any programmer all it involves is 1 call to Windows API function (NtProtectVirtualMemory aka VirtualProtect):

1. Basic Mathematics (Subtraction (-) , Addition (+) ) 2. Basic Logic 3. Basic C++ knowledge (Typecasting, IF-ELSE, Assigning Value)

With that said even a 10 year old can do this fairly without any trouble.

Additionally, you have access to INTERNET the biggest and easiest to use library in the Solar System ! (unless aliens operate their own internet on planets).
With 1000's of articles dedicated to hooking and such. Next, you have access to everything you need for knowledge you want.

As for your next statement: The more you help, the more you learn!

Well, I learnt all this stuff few years back so technically I don't learn anything worthwhile.

Besides, you did not help a single person out in the Forum, so all your being is ironic and asking but not giving.

Additionally, I earned money by doing exactly what I do to you but show them a small amount of code in the Job Section. So to be honest I did more to help you than I helped people who payed me.

I can do your entire project if you pay me $50 in a week or so.
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