Program that logs application events

Ok so i just bought a new computer and whenever i play games witht he keyboard my games randomly minimize and its really annoying I dont knwo whjat the problem is. I didnt have this problem with windows 7, i have windows 8 now, i updated all my driver, video card, wiondows etc nothing helped, i downloaded game booster, closed out all background services not crucial for windows to run and it still does it and its really getting on my nerves, it has to be something to do with the keyboard, i play alot of my games with my 360 controller using a device that wirelessly connects it to the pc and i never once had a minimizing problem while playing with controller, but when i play games with the keyboard it randomly minimizes so does anyone have any code that i can run to make a small program that shows the events that happen in the background when i run my game so i can see what the problem is? it has to be something, my computers specs are way over the recommended requirements for my games so i know thats not the problem. I have been to yahoo naswers, all over the web and not even a little success and this is the only thing i know of that i can do to figure it out so please help me.

Also i should mention the program doesnt crash or display any errors or any messages it just simply minimizes and when i click it i can keep playing. Im sorry to ask you to have to write it for me but im at the end of my rope and i dont know any windows programming. Or if you could direct me to a program that would do that i would appreciate it, i need to figure out whats going on i payed $1250 for this laptop for the sole purpose of gaming.
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Just use windows 7 again if you say there is no such problem with it.
why would i install an inferior version of windows, pay $200 for said version, then install over 200 gigs of games all over again just for a simple issue like this? I would rather just figure it out.
1) Go to your game itself.(not through the game manager)

The location "path " C:\Program Files\ OR wherever you installed the game

2) Select the .exe and right click on it

3) Click Properties -> Compatibility Tab,

-run this program in compatibility mode
(select windows xp)
-Disable visual themes
-Disable desktop composition
-Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Make the game resolution SAME as your desktop screen resolution // probably this will make it work fine
Good Luck, Zaki
that didnt work :(
i think ifound the problem, my touchpad has a damn swipe thing and when done from left to right it goes to the desktop, so i disabled the touchpad and hopefully i will get some peace.
That idea didn't cross my min because touchpad is always disabled in my laptop, but yes touchpad can do that..
Glad you found the solution, Happy gaming
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