How to make a '32 digit' calculator c++???

Hi all,
Im now focussing on small programs,
How to make a '32 digit' calculator c++???
int / double can't hold 32 digits!?
Can you all please help me out?
Thankyou everyone in advance!!!

You need to refer to datatypes ranges:

The biggest datatype in a x64 is __int64 (equivalent to long long ).
I also recommend you to look at algorithms such as:

The algorithms come into great use when you deal with large numbers.
Use an arbitrary precision library like GMP or MPIR. Anyway you will probably ask us to setup it for you, as your computer is broken, right.

__int64 is also available on X86 platform.
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Oh yeah, I thought your PC was broken and damned to the mysterious world of Gods.

Take a look at this (Einstien is WindowsProgrammer777);

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