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hi guys, can anyone tell me how can i fix my problem with my c++ application version 3.1? so after i write the text, when i press alt+f5 and then run, if there are no mistakes the program automatically closes. i am using windows xp, if that helps anyone...
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I don't know what you mean by 3.1
what i meant is that i am using borland c++ 3.1
Borland 3.1 was released in 1992. The latest standard of C++ was released in 2011, and the one before that in 1998/2003. This means that even old C++ code will not be supported in your compiler - how do you expect to learn?

I highly recommend using a more modern compiler - don't use Borland unless some college professor with tenure dangles an F over your head.
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oh, i didn't know that, i just downloaded the first version i found on google, but thanks anyway
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some modern ones are (for windows) mingw, vc++, and i there is another one that shares the same name as another one that is deprecated. its like dev-shed or borland or something like that. if you want an ide, visual studios, code::blocks, netbeans, but its perfectly fine to use a text editor (I do). on mac (i dont dev for it or use it so i dont know if this is right) if you want to write code the easiest way is to just use xcode which i think uses clang. if you are on linux then there is clang and gcc, which mingw is based off of. it uses the ides geany, code::blocks, and qreator (the qt ide). there is also eclipse but i only like to use it if im going to write an android app. any other time when im writing code i just use gedit and qreator(if im writing qt code) and gcc for the terminal
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