Win32.SendMessage() doesn't work for non admin user

I am using FFDShowAPI to flip and mirror the video. Video is displayed in IE. When I logged in to machine with Admin user, it works. But if I logged in with non Admin user, it doesn't work.
I have debugged the FFDShowAPI and found that Win32.SendMessage() returns 1 for Admin user and returns 0 for non admin user. Even I have tried to get error details using GetLastWin32Error() but it returns 0.
In short Win32.SendMessage() doesn't work for standard user (i.e. non admin user).
OS: Windows 7 with default UAC settings

I am stuck at this problem since last 1 week. Please help me how to solve this problem ASAP.
Ayaz Shaikh
This is expected behavior:

EDIT: This article seems like it was made for your current situation:
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Why are you displaying videos in Internet Explorer anyway ? Other media players like MPC or WMP uses ffdshow and run without any special privileges.
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