How do I remove the debug console?

Hey, when I compile my program, everything works perfectly but there is that console showing up with my program. When I close the console, my program ends. How do I remove it cause I don't need it and it looks ugly ;). By the way I am using blooshed DEV C++.
Compile with -mwindows. In the linker settings for your project, you can add that to set the subsystem to a windowed environment rather than a console environment. If you really don't want its side effects, though (like linking to GDI) you can use -Wl,--subsytem,windows instead (or something like that, can't remember exactly what it is).

Also, Bloodshed DevC++ is incredibly outdated and buggy. Try moving to something newer, like Code::Blocks or Eclipse. If you really want to keep something that looks like DevC++, though, try Orwell DevC++.
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