c++ and qt

hello everyone,
I wanted to learn QT. I know the QT has its own library, are there instances where you have to use it? suppose I wanted to open a file and work with it,can you use C++ fstream, or would I have to use QT syntax and built-in functions?
For learning Qt, just look at the huge compilation of references and examples they have linked to the website (qt-project?). As for the library, it doesn't really matter: You can use std::fstream, or you can use Qt's QFile and QTextStream. Personally, when using Qt, I prefer to use the Qt solutions, due to a few reasons:
- They all work well
- They link together well
- They have some added functionality to the standard C++ libraries
- If you decide to use some of the added Qt functionality with the strings, you don't need to change from (for example) std::string to QString.

However, this is all a matter of personal preference. As for the times when you need to use their library, its mostly for the bits that Qt was designed for: Managing GUI's cross-platform.
thanks for the reply. I was asking because I wanted to do some personal projects thank you for the help.
Hey there is a really good tutorial on youtube that got me started with Qt. I actually made a thing for myself that i use everyday with it, just from the knowledge I got from his vids. Check it out below:

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