Creating another right click menu in Windows Explorer

Hello! This is my first of hopefully many posts on C++ forums, I hope to take part in the forums in the near future!

Anyway, I have been designing a utility program which is hard to explain, but basically is useful multiple "copy locations". More or less, you can copy more than one item at once using CTRL+C+1 or CTRL+C+2. But for now I want to setup a much simpler idea before diving in. I want to have a "dropbox" to dump files in a more permanent place, so I can right click on a load of files and it will put them in a new folder under a predefined location. I shouldn't need any help with moving the files and so on, but I will need some help with the right-click part.

So, this post is requesting help for not the above, but the below.

I want to add a "right click menu" when using windows explorer. For example, currently in Windows 7 you can right click a file and then a menu pops up, you can then click Send To for example and send your file somewhere or do something with it. I want to create another one of these menus. For the sake of this post lets say when a use right-clicks on a file and pressed a button named "helloWorld" a dialog box will pop up and tell the user a message.

If you having trouble with my explanation of what I want to do, an example is 7-Zip, anyone who uses it will know you can right click on a file and you have a 7-Zip sub-menu. This is not built into Windows, it was added when I installed 7-Zip. I want to add a sub-menu with my "program", like 7-Zip. (Well, OK, not a sub-menu, rather a button for now.)

Thanks in advance, it would be a great help if you could help and give me and example. It appears examples improve my success rate magnificently :)

I found a few things on MSDN which appear to be what you are looking for. Have a look at:
These seem to be the most relevant. However, I couldn't immediately find a way to do it for all arbitrary file types that may exist, but looking around in that section could help.

Here is an article that could also help you with your understanding:
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