Need Ideas!

Ok, guys. I just got done with a major project that took up most of my free time. I'm DONE AND SO BORED NOW. I need Ideas! I specialize in POS/Checkout systems (stuff with mathy stuff involved) stuff like Pawnshop Software, Dry Cleaner POS, etc..
Create a POS system that could be used in a real business environment. That should take up plenty of time.
You could join an open source POS software project.
I already made a POS system that can be used in a real environment, and it is used in a real environment. And I don't do open source.
And I don't do open source.

Good thing this thread is in "Windows Programming" then.
stuff with mathy stuff involved
If you were capable of creating a fully fledged POS system, then you wouldn't be here asking for project ideas.
I did make a full POS system, complete with online licensing, etc., and I do it as a hobby. Also, I don't need your criticism. I posted this to get Ideas, not have an anal retentive person comment on it. Good Day, Sir.
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