Shell script runs launched by cmd.exe, crashes launched by code


I'm doing a GUI for a research lab. They have a heavy-processing shell script that is very useful but that yet needs to be launched console-style. I'm coding in C++ using QtCreator 2.8.1 based on Qt 5.1.1

My problem is : whenever i launch the script myself through cmd.exe, everything works fine.

Whenever i ask my program to launch the script through cmd.exe, there's a memory allocation problem within one of the scripts.

I've asked this question on a Qt forum, experts told me it was most likely a Windows matter, about the way Windows handle processes. Has anyone any clue on what could possibly happen to my script and the memory allocated to it ?

Thanks for your help
Problem solved.

Easy solution: I had to launch the .exe generated instead of launching it through the IDE. Qt wasn't able to allocate 1,6 Go.
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