Ctrl key and Edit Control

I had developed a small application based on win32 API. It is made up of a window which has its own controls (Edit Box, Button, List View, scroll bar, ...)

I am doing well so far. Now I am trying to define some short keys like Ctrl+L and Ctrl+S, the WM_CHAR is not working properly.
As defined by MSDN documentation, wParam of WM_CHAR holds the ASCII code of the char being pressed. But as I am debugging the OnChar procedure (that handles WM_CHAR), the wParam appeared to be as below:
Ctrl+l: 12
Ctrl+L: 12
Ctrl+s: 19
Ctrl+S: 19

On the other hand, I wrote some code to handle the Tab and Shift+Tab, it worked properly. The wParam showed the below:
Tab: 9
Shift+Tab: 9

So I am receiving the Tab char and then I am checking if the VK_SHIFT was down or not.

Please advice,
Any update on the above?
I cannot believe that I am not getting any updates yet :)

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