How to create multiple images in a single window using win32api and c++

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please someone help me to proceed in the code.

I have difficulty following the code without proper formatting and code tags. You definitely don't want to be populating the list in WM_PAINT. What happens if you try to populate the list after the call to CreateWindowEx() instead of in WM_CREATE? I know that WM_CREATE is sent before CreateWindowEx() returns so maybe something weird is happening there.
Thanks Knn9.
I have found where it was wrong i solved it i could display thumbnail images in listview control successfully.

In Listview control i need a selection box which should be highlighted on selecting the thumbnail image how to do this.
and also how to align the thumbnail image to center in listview control window,and also how to apply styles to the listview control.

Example:as thumbnail images viewed in windows explorer,in which we get a selection box around the selected item and highlighted.

can someone help me in achieving this.

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please someone help me to achieve the above task.
I have successfully created thumbnail images without any problem.

I dont know what macros and styles to be applied to achieve the below tasks in listview control.

->how to align the items in listview control(LVS_LIST style)?

->how to set spacing between the items in listview control?

->how to set Border and border color for items in listview control and it should be highlighted on selecting the item in listview control.?

->After inserting the items in listview control,i have set vertical scroll bar but i get it as horizontal scroll to solve this also?
Please someone help me to proceed
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