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Hello! My name is Dawood Rehman and I am 18 years old. I have been programming in C++ for an entire year. Now we are going to have a project in school which we get a whole year to complete so I thought of doing some thing in DirectX with 3D graphics.

Now, I know that there is a whole ocean to discover but everybody has to start somewhere right? However I was messing around a little bit with my Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and I saw that you can make "DirectX App" and "Xaml DirectX App" and theese both were for windows store. Now first of all, what is the difference between theese two and do I really have to make the application for window store? I just want to make a normal windows desktop application.

For the ones that are wondering, I am focusing on making a FPS game, now remember, I am trying to make one, not complete one, making just a room with a single gun to fire with would be hell of an achievement because I know nothing really.

So now when all that is cleared, is there some kind soul out there to help me out on my way that knows something about DirectX programming?

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