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question about windows form apps , only way to get some datas on the formcreate procedure is to read it from file ? also lets say we have 3 edits in form i will enter some datas like name of the product price and other integer value ,,, which component is good also which can create table with 3 columns like price name etc.... after each startprogram it will read and import into table datas and then i will be able to choose come product from that table and i will have 2 groups (a),(b) into those groups i will choose products from tables then i will push button and it will get prices of the product (do i need array for this ?) and on the second group same so i can choose for example 3 product to group a , and 5 to group b and it will compare them and rewrite which group is cheaper also it will comape other values too not just price any help ? thx
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