replacing the console window

Alright so I am in the process of amking a game and up to this point i have been using it as a consol project now i was wondering how i might hcnage it to a windows project because everytime i change the subsystem to windows and cahnge the entry from main() to WinMain() it keeps say that the WinMain cannot be overloaded
What signature your WinMain() does have ? It is very different from main() !
I think there's already a WinMain in the project and he's added his own with the code in the original main() from the console project. Has the new project wizard been used to create a new project or has the Windows program been written entirely by hand?
i made it by hand without using the wizard , because i know that when you make a window program you havve to have it ipen a window but i am just trying to get a consol window from popping up because i am using SFML to make my game and it makes a window.
Is there a reason that you can't copy & paste your code into a new project? One that is designated a Windows project from the start?
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