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I'm trying to learn c++ on my own so im kind of basic in my knowledge. i'm using windows 2012 express. i wrote this code and when i tried to compile it i got a C2598:linkage specification must be at global scope error i have tried looking around for the cause but i cant really figure it out. any help would be appreciated.

int main()

using namespace std;

vector<string> list;
vector<string>::iterator listIT;
char end;
int Numbered;
int pointBlank;
string gameName;
cout<< "welcome to the list program. please feel free to list all favorite games."<< endl;
cout<< "if you would like to add a game please type A/nif you would like to delete something from the list please type D/nif you would like to see the current list that you have please type L/nif you would like to end the program type E"<< endl;

char choice;
cout << "what would you like to do? ";
cin >> choice;

choice = toupper(choice);

if(choice == 'A')
cout << "please type the name of the game that you would like to add:/n";
cin >> gameName;



else if(choice == 'D')
cout << "please select the lisitng by number that you want to get rid of: ";
cin >> Numbered;

list.pop_back(list.begin() + (Numbered - 1));

else if(choice == 'L')
listIT = list.begin();
for(, listIT != list.end(), listIT++)
cout << pointBlank,". ", *listIT) << endl;

cout << "sorry you have entered n invalid entry please try again." << endl;

}while(choice != 'L');
Pull the preprocessor #includes out of the main function.

//preprocessor includes


//main function

for(, listIT != list.end(), listIT++)

for syntax - use semicolons, not commas between arguments


pop_back for vector doesn't take an argument

double check this line - it's not clear what you want to do with the middle part between the <<
cout << pointBlank,". ", *listIT) << endl;

If you edit your post, highlight the code, then click the <> button in the format palette at the right of the post, the code will format better for the forum and show line numbers.
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thanks alot, that cleared theproblem right up.
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