window won't move

i apologise in advance for what some may call a vague and unqualified enquiry. i've been coding with windows as a platform for dsp for some time, i minimise my use of API, i go for years between doing things with it.

i have a basic script i start multimedia projects with. i also have about a score of other varying win32 apps, different gui styles et c.

so i open my script and undecomment the tags for borderless app to add a standard windows border, minimise box et c.

i've now compared my script to a half a dozen other scripts and cannot find a discrepancy, and it's gonig to be crap to rebuild from scratch.

SO - would anyone like t take an educated guess and tell my why i cannot move my window, drag it with the bar, or minimise it (it will close in response to the red 'x').

bloody aggravating :) tia..
never mind, rebuilt it... five hours..
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