Problem with gsl_eigen on MinGW32


I am using GSL 1.16 with the latest MinGW version and it seems to me that the functions in the gsl_eigen folder don't work. In my C program I use functions like "gsl_vector_complex_calloc" and it doesn't show me an error, but I always get this 3 errors because of the following gsl_eigen functions:

" undefined reference to 'gsl_eigen_nonsymmv_alloc' "
" undefined reference to 'gsl_eigen_nonsymmv_free' "
" undefined reference to 'gsl_eigen_nonsymmv' "

Maybe anybody has some experience with GSL on windows and can tell me where there could be a problem (maybe with the gsl_eigen.h) ?
It seems that everything else I use from GSL 1.16 does work and since I didn't change anything in the GSL folders, I don't know why anything in the gsl_eigen folder doesn't seem to work at all.

Best regards
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