Create Application: On-Off Mouse-Keyboard By Microphone Sound Level

Hallo, I need to make in practice a application running in WIN7.
This application must read continuously the sound(noise) received from the microphone and, if the level of the sound(noise) is higher that a value, to activate to display a Jpeg image on the screen and at the same time to deactivate the mouse and the keyboard. To have a adjusted delay and after the delay time to reactivate the mouse and the keyboard.
This application must start at StartUp of PC.
I need to use this application in a computer class room at every PC with WIN7.
This can be a batch file or a C++ or everything else.
Can somebody help me ???
So you want to lock everyone in a given area out of their PC for a given time when ever someone around them sneezes or drops a book? I don't think you've thought this through OP.

What trivial problem are you trying to apply this absurdly complex solution to? If it's to make sure the kids aren't playing on their computers when the teacher is talking then do yourself a favor and abort this train of thought right now. The alternative is you spending hours on end individually tuning this application on every PC to the acoustics in each room.
Yes. I try 9 months to change their old aptitudes in manipulating the computer but with less results.
The computer room is with 28 computers and every our are 22-28 childrens 6-12 years old.
I tried to learn them to use delicately the mouse and the keyboard, but they make a lot of noise.
With above 600 children’s in a week. Is impossible to remember them.
What I need is: if they speak between them or make noise with keys “ in practice time “ , to be punished by the program.
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