Picture dissapear when moved under taskbar, is there a simple solution ?

Hi , when i grab a picture from the webcam and display it ..
it dissapear when it goes under the taskbar...

Is there a simple code for it ?Thx.

Here the webcam example:http://vds-817980.amen-pro.com/webcam.php
or :http://vds-817980.amen-pro.com/lol-files.exe (open webcam.lol example).
This sure looks like a virus! I'll put IE8 to the test. :-)

UPDATE: Well, the first link does show some C++ code. I did not read it, though. But come on, an EXE named lol-files.exe???
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You mean lol-files.exe ? or the webcam.php example? or both ?
The source for lol-files.exe is here : http://vds-817980.amen-pro.com/lol-files.rbp
Open it with REALbasic ... see download site :http://www.realsoftware.com/download/
Althoug its a mess(the code) Free to use by the way.

But why do you think its a virus...anyway . You do your IE8 test.. whatever that means..
But you are right when it comes to .exe's.. 'its dangerous'.

Anyway webJose , have a nice time here on the forum !

But somebody knows a solution/code for the picture disappearing? Thx !
I looked some more time to the code and the examples on the forum here ( BMP loader ,winbmp.zip).

Maybe i have to put also a drawing code in in the WM_PAINT event... for now enough.
This item can be closed. Thx.
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