Get Mouse klick, fire keyboard


i have a mouse with forward and back mouse buttons and i want to use them within a game. The problem is that the games i want to play do not support that special mouse buttons.
So i thought i write a little program that listen for mouse button press and if forward/back/what ever special mouse button is pressed it fires an keyboard key event, so for example p that you never use in a game.

Maybe with a little gui where you can define the mouse button and the keyboard key that will be "connected".

I have a little experience with cpp and Qt.
(playing reversi on the console, list/stack/...)

I hope someone can tell me how to do that and point me in the right direction.

Thank you.
Use windows hooks(I.e., SetWindowsHookEx()) to monitor mouse events and use SendInput() to simulate a key press.




Hope this helps.
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