Downloading html while triggering special configuration ( sending cookies perhaps? )

Hello everyone!

Downloading html is not quite a challange.
We can just use URLDownloadToFile function from

I'm trying to make a program to download forex news from forex factory calendar.
Here's the link:

Its very easy to select the date by just formating the part of the url
where date is and then calling URLDownloadToFile however
I find it rather difficult to convert timezones and was hoping perhaps
it would be possible to change the calendar timezone with a program.

Here's a picture showning how to manually change the timezone using browser:

How could I change the timezone c++/windows sdk and download that html?
If I could somehow send cookie information before downloading html, I would know exactly what to do.
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I had a look at the website but couldn't see a way to change the timezone. I guess you can do it only when you are logged in. You can automate a website by using a webbrowser control. However in plain C this is really difficult(COM). If you are not fainthearted have a look:
Much easier if you could use MFC or .NET
I'm not logged into the webside, did you looked into image and pressed the clock what red arrow shows in picture?

I think getting control over html can be even more absurd, Is there anyway to download html while sending the cookie like browsers do?
Is there anyway to download html while sending the cookie like browsers do?

I am not aware of one. Cookies are sent from the browser to the server, but only if the website sent a cookie in the first place. Since this website does not send cookies, what could you send ?
You could use libcurl, wininet (this is what internet explorer uses) or winhttp:

Libcurl is very simple to use and there are already pre-written examples.
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