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I have an application that I made using netbeans 8.1.2 in my Window 10 laptop. I then try to run the .exe file on my friend laptop (Window 7). But it says 'the program cannot run because cygwin1.dll is missing'. Do i have to install cygwin in my friend's laptop or is there any easy way. Please help. I have to solve this problem ASAP. Thank you.
I don't that you need to install cygwin on your friends laptop. Just put cygwin1.dll and all other needed dll in the same folder as your program.
Thanks thomas. It managed to open the application. But when I click button to start scan, it immediately shutdown.
You most certainly should install cygwin on your friends laptop to run your application. In all honestly, you could keep doing as Thomas1965 says and keep copying over the missing DLL files, but that's going to take ten times longer and yield the same result.
cygwin can be VERY large (depends on what you choose when installing). You can use the visual studio tool to pull out the list of dlls that the executable uses (this tool is probably free online, depends.exe) or you can take a stab at it.

For 99.999 % of the programs I have done in cyg, this list is sufficient to run:


but I only use it for quick console programs, usually throw-away one-shot code... If you need more than 5 or 6, another approach will be needed ... if so, you may want to experiment with some way to do a dll only or minimalist cygwin install.
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