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I want to make an application run slower, it that possible? i have created application which read file created by another process but that process create file and delete it so fast, so it is possible to make that application be slow so i can read file faster?

i tried

SetPriorityClass(GetProcessHandleByName("dd.exe"), IDLE_PRIORITY_CLASS);

and set my process to

SetPriorityClass(GetCurrentProcess(), REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS);

but yet the process run faster it is possible to slow it down? thanks.
You can't really make your process run faster by increasing its priority, you just make the rest of the system slower, so your process runs faster than them.

But pushing the priority lower should make it run slower.
Changing the speed of the other process is just going to lead you to a race condition. The process that creates this file will be executed in the context of a specific user. Give that user write access to the directory, but un-check the delete file privilege under advanced options for that folder.
you can run it in a virtual machine that perhaps emulates a much weaker CPU/platform?

you can also set the priority very low in the task manager and then build a cpu hog program that lets it have a little time now and then. this seems like more work than its worth.
you could see if something like moslo is still around, it was for slowing down ancient games on newer machines, but that was eons ago.

you can write a systems level application that suspends and releases the target program, the way process explorer can do it manually. I don't know how to do that, but it must be possible. Depending on the code, this could cause the target to become unstable if it has internal timers or something.

All this feels like hax; the folder permission option seems best but I thought I would toss out other ideas.
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