Tutorial for android studio

Recently, i take a subject called mobile programming. It is about android studio. Can anyone suggests a tutorial websites for learning it.
You tube
I don't know who reported Emma1 or why, but she is absolutely correct. For all things Android Studio, youtube is probably the best place to go for beginner tutorials.

(That drives me bonkers, personally, since sitting through a ten minute tutorial to learn something I could have read in a few paragraphs feels like a colossal waste of time to me.)

There are also some good things on https://developer.android.com and http://www.androidauthority.com.

Sorry, some people here like their report button too much to use it sensibly.

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I got a problem here, I open a sample code provided by the college then I found that the tree under the android is changed, previously if i open a new project, there are two nodes, one app , one gradle scripts . Under app , got manifest, java,res. But after i open the sample code, It only show .gradle, .idea, app, build , gradle. Why is that so? Can anyone provide clue? Thanks a lot.
@dutomhas you have a very valid point that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EknEIzswvC0&list=PLS1QulWo1RIbb1cYyzZpLFCKvdYV_yJ-E has some of the best tutorials to go thorugh when starting android programming.

Also, you can browse the web for more content on android programming.

For a complete list of android tutorials you can refer here as well: https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-android-development
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I myself find the answer. Just at the top, you can select android view or project view.
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