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Write a complete C++ program to do the following:
• Get three input from customer that identifies the type of promotion (1 or 2), type of package ( 1 or 2) and with or without mini package ( A or B).
• Display the appropriate message when the customer enters an invalid input and the customer can re-enter the choice,
• Compute and display the monthly total cost before and after the 6% government tax is added in a receipt (text in the program)..
Input from the user can be obtained by using std::cin
See example in

Displaying appropriate messages for invalid input is a bit more complicated, but you'll need to use if-statements to check the input, and then a loop if the input isn't what it should be (ex, if user entered a number greater than 2, or less than 0).
See examples in

Not enough information given for the third point.

If you want people to help you, you should post what you've tried yourself, and any specific errors or problems you have.
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