Unresolved External Symbol

I've been going through the DirectX 11 Tutorials on Microsofts MSDN on GitHub to try and somewhat learn DirectX for university.

I re-wrote the code from the first tutorial to try and get it working and also annotate it as I went long, rather than copy and paste.
However, since I've copied it over I keep getting the following error;
unresolved external symbol _D3DCreateDevice@40 referenced in function "long _cdecl InintDevice(void)" (?InitDevice@@YAJXZ)

I've been trying for hours to try and get this working, but no luck at all.

I have checked all of my Additional Dependencies, and added d3d11.lib etc, but the program will exit after saying;
filePath\LoadsOfDLLFiles'. Symbols Loaded

I honestly can't think what is going wrong...
Edit; Unable to post the source code here as it exceeds the limit for a thread post.

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The token "InintDevice", in quotes, returns 1 result on Google.

I assume you mean InitDevice, but even that I do not know of. It's a pretty generic name. Where is it defined?

Is your code similar to https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/vstudio/en-US/c12efc4c-fa5e-4166-b040-52924d2ab6f5/need-help-on-directx-11x-and-win32?forum=vcgeneral
InitDevice is defined in there, but not sure if that's what you want.

Since it sounds like this is a transcribing user error rather than an error with the code itself, try comparing your old code to your new code, line by line, to see if you made other typos somewhere.
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