Build for Windows on a Mac

I've been looking everywhere and have found no answer to this question. I'm on Eclipse CDT and I can build Mac programs fine, but cannot build for Windows at all. I've discovered that if I rename the "Windows" build to an app, it runs like it was built for Mac, so it's obviously not even building as a Windows program. How do I do this properly?
I think there is no way to build a windows app on your mac.
You have to compile it on windows to run it on windows.

If you want a "compile once, run everywhere" solution you better use Java
I don't want a "compile once, run everywhere" solution. I just want to build an exe on a mac. I don't think there is no way to do it, there's got to be a tool somewhere.
Actually it is not simple since you need the libraries from windows. It is possible.

There are two possible cross compler: Clang and Gnu/MinGW.

Maybe you can even configure Eclipse for this. You just need some reseach in order to find all you need for your project.
So would it be easier to just build it on a seperate Windows computer?
OK, thanks.
There are several 3rd party GUI libraries available to make cross-platform GUI programming easier.

The Fast Light Toolkit (FLTK) is used by Bjarne Stroustrup in his "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++" text book.

wxWidgets is another:
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