Color management in own applications


I need to implement color management in my own graphic application.

It's a c++ application which uses Qt for windows.

Unfortunately I don't have a "starting point" how I can implement this. I searched in the internet for some info how to implement it, but I couldn't find something helpful.
What I found has always been from the user point of view (buy a colorimeter, how to adjust your monitor etc.), but nothing from the developer point of view.

Therefore my question:
Does anybody has some experience with this topic? I'm not looking for a detailed description how to implement this, but a general tip like "see into this documentation" or "use this library" etc. would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
color management is vast subject. What exactly are you trying to do?

Here is a link that provides some details about color profiles settings:

You may also check this:
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What exactly are you trying to do?

(I'm not a native speaker, so please excuse my english...)

I'm writing a (not so ) little graphic application (named qFotoStudio) for my fotoclub. It's a photoshop light-light, but with some special features we need in our club.

in fact qFotoStudio supports layers and channels some transformations and filters and paint operations. It's a 'playground" to experiment with new filters and ideas of image processing.

Probably I will offer this tool under the GNU-license in the future.

But I have to implement the color management before. I want to evaluate the color spaces of the pictures and of the system (monitors, beamers) to display a picture with the correct color values.
E.g. the picture has the adobe.rgb color space and the beamer just s-rgb, so I have to map the values of the picture to the s-rgb colorspace of the beamer - in other words: color-management.

And yes, it's a vast topic - that's the reason I'm struggling a bit and why I'm looking for a good point to start from.....
Well, a bit research shows that Little CMS seems to be a good starting point:

For other graphic processing there are:

image magick

Take a look here:
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