Mac vs Windows for Programming

winapi is very nice!
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Better in what?

* Development tools, for example IDE? How easy is it to write, compile, debug?
* Non-interactive (compute) applications?
* GUI applications?
* Portable, OS agnostic code?
* Use of OS specific features?
<yes, I'm gone too>

responding to anyone below 20 posts in these forums seems have a meaning of "feeding the trolls"
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Heh, the OP has disappeared, or someone gave him the Soviet Unpersoning Treatment.
C'mon guys :P, it had almost exactly the same title as the previous thread of dubious quality:
They aren't very creative in the reddit topics they copy-paste from.
@Ganado, the choice of nic was also suspicious. The nic also showed up in another forum I frequent a couple of days ago making an equally nonsensical topic.

Coincidence, probably. Still rather odd.

There was another nic registered here similar to the OP's, as well as a twin at that other forum.
More spam from NuzakFarnas.

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