Win32 api relevance in the threatening UWP possible era

UWP most likely won't fly in the game consumer and developer communities but Microsoft seems to be determined with it. I really hope it doesn't.

I really hope it does, it would be awesome to have game engine developed my Microsoft, first because that would mean very good documentation and secondly the api would consist of only Win32, and direct X in C++ flavor.

what could be better than that?

btw. do you have any reference to these claims?
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This is a cross-post from Reddit with spam links appended. Source here:
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Appears someone reported the spammer, JonathanFernas.

Can't say I am all broken-hearted.
I apologize. I gave my opinion. I have removed it. I asked for my reply to be removed but I only got it listed as "reported", how does that work?
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Windows 10 is by default a security breach aggressively attempting to happen

What does this mean? (Strange that you think it is clear.)
The spammer who started this thread was talking about UWP game framework, not about "what is UWP?"

The title itself still appears to attract more sp*m (or maybe the word itself, hence me censoring it).
Jan 31, 2020:

A recent article is summarizing that Microsoft is lowering its attention with UWP apps, meaning that Win32 apps are going to (continue) to be the future.

PCWORLD: Microsoft shovels more dirt on UWP apps, leaving Win32 apps as the future once again 

This quote from your link is hilarious:

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney had bitterly complained that UWP enabled Microsoft’s “monopolization” of PC gaming, but technical limitations also meant that UWP versions of games were less powerful than their Win32 cousins.

MS once again shoots itself in the foot.

BTW, you should not use forum format tags with links, pasting them "raw" into your comment lets the forum software treat it as a live link.
@Furry Guy,

Thanks for the tip about pasting the links as raw text - I didn't know that :)

Yes, there were quite a few interesting comments like the one you mentioned. The article almost has an 'entertainment factor' to it.

Warm regards...
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