Visual Studion 2003 compilation problem


My project always try to do linking stuff whenever I build/run the project. It wastes my time. Please provide a solution. TIA
My project is shown always out of Date.
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Is this a joke?
I never used vs2003, but vs2010 has a setting regarding time interval after which a project is 'out of date'
Surely the executables/binaries are out of date as soon as the code is changed? And if the code is not changed then I'm pretty sure it doesn't recompile or anything.
I believe that there have been issues where some unchanged projects in a solution insist that they are 'out of data'. I have not experienced it myself.
Visual Studio may decide that something's out of date and force a link, even when it's known to be up to date.

There's no way to tell what it thinks is out of date or why.

It's still not fixed in VS2008.
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